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As Told To

Jul 18, 2023

“I love the process, and the craft of writing, and helping people who have a real deep yearning to put their own story on the page,” reflects best-selling author and collaborator Debra Ollivier, who has helped to develop, ghostwrite, and edit more than 20 titles, with a broad and eclectic mix of authors. 

Debra, who lived and worked in Paris at the front end of her writing career, is the author of two enlightening and engaging guides on what it means to be a French woman and why it matters—What French Women Know and Entre Nous—as well as books on wellness, mindfulness, yoga, parenting, cooking and performance training. Her work is featured in the best-selling anthologies Mothers Who Think and Because I Said So. She has served as a contributing editor for Salon and a managing editor for The Huffington Post, and has also written for Harper’s, Playboy, The New York Times, Parents, Le Monde, and other publications.

“I think for me I kind of have to be all in,” she says about the factors she considers when taking on a new project. “I do like working with people who are very purpose driven… I find that I work better when I have an intrinsic level of enthusiasm, and when I feel like I’m not only helping this author-slash-client, but I’m also making a contribution to the world, as cliché as that might sound.” 

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