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As Told To

Sep 12, 2023

Novelist, screenwriter, producer and publisher Lee Goldberg knows what it is to work in collaboration. He has helped to write and produce a number of television shows, including “seaQuest” and “Monk,” and he also served as a supervising producer and executive producer of the long-running series “Diagnosis Murder,” starring Dick Van Dyke. 

While working on “Monk” and “Diagnosis Murder,” he wrote several original tie-in novels based on those series. Lee is also an accomplished storyteller in his own rightthe author of nearly 40 novels, including Lost Hills, True Fiction, and the first five books in the Fox & O’Hare series, written with best-selling mystery novelist Janet Evanovich. His latest book, Malibu Burning, tells the story of an elaborate heist staged in the middle of a raging California wildfire, and he’s got two additional books coming out in the weeks ahead—Calico and Dream Town.  

Join us for a fun and informative conversation on what it means to work in and around television, and how it is that one writer has been able to capture the imagination of audiences in a variety of mediums.

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