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As Told To

Feb 13, 2024

“Sometimes the truth is just too much, and sometimes it’s not enough.”

That’s a line from Sarah Tomlinson’s new novel, The Last Days of the Midnight Ramblers, the story of a young ghostwriter scratching at the truth that threatens the legend of the fictional rock band of the title. 

A veteran journalist, essayist, music critic, ghostwriter, and memoirist, Sarah’s work has appeared in The Boston Globe, Los Angeles Review of Books, Marie ClaireLos Angeles Times, Publishers Weekly, and Huffington Post. Her new novel puts an exclamation point on the maxim that says writers should write what they know: Sarah has covered the recording industry and the music scene for years, writing for, and penning a local music column for the Boston Phoenix. She’s even written band bios for record labels like Virgin, Red Ink/Columbia, and MySpace Records, and contributed to the electronic press kits for artists on Warner Bros. Records.  

As a ghostwriter, she has helped to write more than a dozen books, including three New York Times best-sellers and the forthcoming Dancing on the Edge, co-authored with the iconoclastic actor, dancer, choreographer Russ Tamblyn.  

Join us for a candid conversation on what it means to pick up a pen on behalf of someone else, and then to set that pen down to tell the tale of a ghostwriter looking to make sense of the senselessness and sensibility of a rock ‘n roll life gone sideways. 

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